so im just like on my laptop and i havnt posted in a while so yay.im gonna post somefing….

so ive just finished reading fast times at clairemont high and its sequel (so far) tangled in the great escape, and i literally havent stopped reading it. like its the best thing ever. I might write a fanfic of my own but im really uncreative so probs not XD

aanyways… idek what im blogging about but while im here ill just blab on XD

so… i really have nothing else to say…. this is turning out like an Andy Biersack vlog where he just runs out of things to say after about 20 seconds ._.

ok well bye. that was pointless lol


Cartoon Edits

hello there ._.
so lately ive been making a ton of edits so i thought id share them with you ^.^


Taylor Swift


Tay Jardine


Kellin Quinn





Tony Perry


20130707-165153.jpg Paramore


Song of the Day

so today the song of the day is Disasterology by Pierce the Veil.
It was kind of a decision between this and Bulletproof Love because lately something has happened, and all of a sudden I can relate to every single ptv song.
So yup 🙂 sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

20130612-044729 PM.jpg

London Underground Adventures, Engineering Day and PTV


So yesterday there was some shizzle happening at my tube station (which im not gonna say cuzz i dont want anyone stalking meh .-.) and basically we had to find our way to school without using the route we usually take. Basically we were going to go with a couple of older kids from our school who had a route figured out- but no way were we going to take the easy way out…

Basically we (it was me and my friend I go to school with) decided to wait for our other friend who went to our station, who took at least twenty minutes. By the time we had got a hold of ourselves… we realised that the next train would be coming in 13 minutes. Now im pretty sure that wouldve been nothing to sit and eat a bag of crisps and wait there, but no, this is what we did.

So we had been calling our mums over and over trying to figure out what to do. We were about to just go on some other route involving changing about 4 times, but then our friend said Hey why don’t we go back to my house (at this point i was suggesting just skipping school…) and then my dad can get a cab!

So we went back to her house, which Ive actually never been to before, and her dad who was actually still in his PJs called to get a cab. It took a whole hour. Meanwhile- we had told our other friend- who goes from the station one along from ours, to stay where she was and we’d pick her up in the cab, and poor her, because the cab was so slow she had to wait over an hour XD.

Anywayss… after playing on our friends iPad for a while at her house, we finally got in the cab, picked up our friend and got to school. We got outside school at about 9:30… but we decided to go on a little adventure…

Which basically means running around the streets doing nothing in particular and acting drunk.

So after a while we headed back to school, and we got in at about 10ish… almost break!

So that was our adventure to school. But of course, coming back, we just had to make hard for ourselves. Okay before I go into more detail, yu might get a bit confuzzled, so lets just say that, the first friend i talked about lets call Friend A, and the one we waited for 20 minutes Friend B and the one who waited an hour at the station along from ours Friend C. Okay so basically, I was gonna meet A by the school gates- but of course, C dragged me into Bs classroom, and they said that apparently the trains still werent working. Now… I cant really be bothered to explain the whole thing- but long story short, the trains actually were working and we had made it all hard for ourselves by taking the route that i metioned earlier- that the older kids from our school were taking to school.

This basically just consisted of getting lost in about 3 different stations, and “ friend B and C” running after this person wearing these awesome pastel coloured shorts- and i pretty sure she was kinda freaked out because they kinda cornered her and asked to take a picture of them lol.

But apart from that…. well… we survived.

The other thinggg is that today was Engineering Day at school- where basically we were in groups of 6 within our houses [it was a house competition] and in pairs we did some different engineering tasks.
The only one I did was the Marshmallow and Spaghetti Tower task- which consisted of using about 20% of the marshmallows on the tower and eating the other 80%.

The last thing is- I think I’ve already mentioned this before- I’ve gotten my friend into Paramore and Sleeping With Sirens lately, and I am in the process of getting her into Pierce the Veil so I’ll keep you updated on that lol
We’ve already come up with an extremelly sexy dance to the lil tango bit in Bulls in The Bronx ^.^ lol

Okay so thats it for now- i’ll update this post with pics in a couple of hours because Im posting from my phone right now 🙂

Baiii xx

The Art of YOLOing

So, I don’t really know what you have made of the title, and I don’t even know why the flub I’m writing this but ya knowww…
Okai so one thing i say a lot is yolo. I use it waay too much. Like- watch that new danisnotonfire video about irony or something… well that pretty much describes my relationship with yolo.

I mean literally- Im not exaggerating, every single time its lunch and I walk into the lunch room, I have a salad then sit down and say out loud;
“Hmm… should I have a magnum?
And me and my friend just look at each other, and automatically go
“eh… YOLO!”
Like seriously, that word is probably 90% of the reason im this fat XD

But hey, now when im like 80, at least Ill know that I’ve lived life to the fullest, … and taken advantage of the freezer at school…

Docklands Trip, American Candy Heaven and Childhood TV Shows

okai that was a lot of Is .-.
okayy anywaysss…
we went on a geography trip to the Docklands today and it twas pretty boring, apart from [thank the lord it was SUNNY [for once- it seems like summer, and finally, ITS FRICKING JUNE] and yup. We just wandered around the area pretending to be listening about the history of the olympic stadium site and smoked salmon factories, until lunchtime finally came around and we bought some overly expensive cokes. [they were 1.50 for gawds sake!]
And yup… that is pretty much all I have to say apart from,
when we got off at the train/tube station [im not gonna say which because I dont like stalkers sorry lol] we obviously all went to the newsagent place thingy and-
HOLY BOSOMS there were SO many american sweets. There was the usual kitkats and twixes, but they also had reeses, hersheys bars, fricking fererrer rocher thingyss! But i couldnt be bothered to buy anything lol…

umm ok what other random thing was I gonna talk aboutt? Oh yea- Childhood TV shows… now that I’ve just watched two episodes of Little Bear and one of Madeline [aka my favourite show when i was like 7…] I have realised how drunk the producers must have been to come up with the ideas. And how amazingly seducing the characters all are. I mean there was a monkey gambling marbles, gingerbread men running through the snow being chased by a duck, and in Madeline there was a woman who was drunk and kept falling over in her heels and collected mannequin arms and ambassador rings. Like wut?
Okay that is all… I just felt like writing ^.^

Okk im gonna go to sleep now so BAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.
20130604-092426 PM.jpg20130604-092501 PM.jpg

20130604-092547 PM.jpg

Song Of The Day

wooohoo song of the day today isss

Swim in Silence-Paramore

Okay so I think this is like one of paramores very first songs- even before All We Know is Falling and I just love the lyrics in it “I will drown until you care because well i was just in a depressed mood a couple of hours ago but I just havnt gotten round to blawgin this…
one thing also is tht last post- Random talking and the Random Flashback i did edit A TON and put in all these pics i found and then it crashed and deleted so that kind of started bad mood so yup.
Ok baii ^.^

20130604-090649 PM.jpg

Random talking…FLASHBACKKK


So I’m going on a school trip to the docklands tommorow (yay?) and im pretty much only excited for it because

  1. we get to wear our own clothes
  2. we get to bring a packed lunch (well, we can do that anyways but i can never be bothered lol)
  3. and most importantly…. WE GET TO MISS ROUNDERRS (thank the lord)

I’m probably going to just wear jeans and my my little pony fanclub 80’s t shirt, because she went on this massive rant that if we were wearing shorts that “showed our bumcheeks” then she would send us down to lost property to find something else. so yup. im gonna try to not piss her off .-.

anywayss… hmm idk what im even blogging about wtf.

im really happy today because they finally have magnums in the freezer at school. i couldnt live any longer with cornetos.

ughh im so bored but wanna blog somethinnn

photo 4

the lil craft area ^ omg and the lil ski ball things that id call the ‘booling things’ (bowling lol) awhhphoto 3


photo 1

omg i remember wed have breakfast here this is where i discovered froot loops lol

I feel all weird i keep having like lil flashbacks of when i was like 7 and we were in Palm Beach, Florida and we were like staying in this epic lil hotel ( called The Breakers) where there was this epic lil kids club with an arcade, basketball place type thingy,photo 1 a treehouse, a cute lil playground (where i would sit and take calculators apart because i liked how the screens go all rainbow ^.^) photo 4and this grassy area where there photo 3would always be like funfairs and water games and shizzle.  And there were like five pools omg. And curly fries with these epic lil chicken tenders omg. And by the pool we would rent these lil bungalows with lil mini fridges omg. And a lil shop that sold crap called the Coconut Crew or something. OMG AND THIS LIL HERB GARDEN photo 5

<<<WHERE ID SIT AND EAT ALL THE PLANTS OMG.         photo 3photo 5

the burgers were amazing omg

the burgers were amazing omg



photo 4

omg the kiddie pool^^^
omg it was so tinyy it was like one foot deep

photo 2

he stood by the kids club entry and he really creeped me out…

sorry im having like this lil flashback .-.

and omg there was this hamburger restaurant called Hamburger Heaven 

photo 1

omg i would spend ages trying to get something from this claw machine i wasted so much money asdfghjkl

and omg it was the most amazing thing ever like srsly .-.

aw i miss that place :c

photo 3photo 3okay im done with that lil flashback…



sorry had to do that.

Ok i should stop talking now.